Espresso Machines

Espresso MachinesWe supply La Spaziale machines, which are without a doubt one of the finest espresso machines available today. A unique and patented heat exchange system guarantees the consistency of every espresso produced, ensuring the Coffee you supply to your customers is the best, cup after cup after cup.

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Filter Machines

The filter machines we supply will brew coffee within 5-6 minutes, and typically serve up to 144 cups per hour.

We supply two different types to meet your specific needs, including the Technivorm Thermoserve which brews straight into a 1.8l thermo flask – keeping the coffee at the right temperature for hours without getting stewed.

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The grinder is as important (if not more) as the coffee machine. If your coffee beans are not ground properly, then the coffee will not be great. Did you know: ground coffee is only good for a couple of hours. If you want it ‘top quality’ it should be used within half an hour – so only grind what you need! We supply a couple of different grinders – grind on demand and grind and dispense.

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Water Boilers

We supply a few different water boilers, all eco friendly. Either tap or push button, and with adjustable heights. Capacity ranges from 5l to 30l and can be plumbed into the mains water supply.

The Eco Boiler tap provides excellent value for moeny, is easy to descale and service and made with 95% recyclable material.

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